The exact Location of Mount Kilimanjaro is approximately 3 degrees south of the equator on the borders of Tanzania and Kenya. The exact co ordinates of the mountain are 3, 04 degrees south and 37, 21 degrees east, 230km from equator. The mountain is situated in the Northern region of the East African country of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro or Oldoinyo Oibor as it is called in Masai can be seen as far away as the Amboseli and Tsavo parks in the neighbouring town of Kenya.

In its entirety, Mount Kilimanjaro is approximately 49 miles long and 24 miles wide. Whilst appearing relatively flat from afar, Kilimanjaro actually consists of three very distinct volcanic craters: Mawenzi, Shira and Kibo.

At 3962 meters, Shira is the oldest and smallest of the three peaks. It was also the first of the three volcanic centres to become extinct.

In comparison, although no longer active Kibo is nevertheless merely dormant as opposed to extinct. As the uppermost crater, it is over 5800 metres high and 1.5 miles wide. Its peak, also known as Uhuru Peak is officially the highest point in Africa (5895m) and the ultimate destination of all summiteers on the mountain. In native Masai the peak is called Ngàje Ngài, which translates in English to ‘House of God.’ Indeed, those who have managed to scale the 19 340 feet will be quick to tell you, standing abreast Uhuru truly is equivalent to standing on heaven’s doorstep.

Mawezi lies seven miles east of Kibo, and at 16 893 feet is slightly lower than Kibo. Climbers should however not be fooled into believing that the lower elevation makes the peak any easier to climb. If anything, the sheer face and jagged outcrops of Mawezi present even more of a challenge than its western companion and should only be attempted by individuals with extensive rock and ice climbing skills.

Mount Kilimanjaro is seen by the Tanzanian people as a symbol of both strength and liberty. The Uhuru Torch, symbolizing freedom and light, was first lit at the summit of Kili in 1961, and from its position abreast the mountain was symbolically seen to shine beyond the borders of Tanzania, giving hope where there was despair, love where there was hate, and dignity where before there was only humiliation. Subsequently, to this day the image of Kilima Njaro- the Shining Mountain- appears on the national Emblem of Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro brief itineraries

Marangu Route 5 Days

5 Days on the Mountain

Extra Acclimatization Day

This is nick named as “Coca Cola” Route. It is said to be the easiest, Shortest, And most Popular route on t he Mountain, and is the only route where you sleep in huts.


Machame Route 6days

6 Days on the mountain

This is nick named as “Whiskey Route” it is said to be the most Scenic route on Kilimanjaro.


Rongai Route 6 days

5 Days on the mountain

The Rongai route is one of the easiest routes and also very few people will choose this route so is less popular.


Umbwe Route 6 Days

6 Days on the Mountain

This route is short and much more difficult to climb especially the first two days.


Shira Route

6 Days on the Mountain

The Shira Route is the alternative to Lemosho route that joins the Lemosho route just on the first day and on the third day it joins the Machame route.


Lemosho Route 7 Days

7 Days on the Mountain

This Longest route on the mountain parallels The Lower Part of The Shira Route.